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Exchange of Portfolios 2010

Sunday, 14 November 2010 , Posted by Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon at 20:53

On the 20th October 2010, all members of Malaysian Association of Marjon (MAM) which includes students of COHORT 5, MARJON 1 and MARJON 2, had gathered to witness the exchange of portfolios between MAM Officers 2009/10 and MAM Officers 2010/11.

The former President of MAM, Mr. Hafiz Abdullah had given the newly elected MAM Officers some words of advice before handing over all the portfolios.

Now, officially MAM is under a new set of committee who has pledged to continue introducing Malaysian cultures and attractions, and to make it a platform to bring Malaysians and local people together, as well as uniting all the members to become 1 Marjon.

After the ceremony, the new committee of MAM held a dialogue session with MARJON 2 where they discussed every enquirers that MARJON 2 had upon the system of MAM and the university

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