Welcome Dinner 2009

Welcome Dinner 2009

Visit From TKSU KPM

Visit from TKSU KPM

International Night 2009

International Night

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Open House 2009

Malaysian Festival 2009

Malaysian Festival 2009

Malaysian Festival 2009

Malaysian Festival 2009


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New Year Wishes!!!

Posted by Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon on Sunday, 2 January 2011 , under | comments (0)

Here, I have compiled some New Year wishes!

Chris: Happy New Year to all! Hope we all enjoy our time in Marjon and strive to make MAM be know to everyone!

Hyder: Happy New Year to all MAM members.. Hope this new year will bring us gr8 moments and 1derful times together.. Hope we can strive harder, work together and stay unite as 1-MAM..

Hafiz: Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2011 brings happiness and joy to all the people around the world. ^-^

Alviana: Happy New Year 2011 to everyone, may this year will be a good kick-start for something new. Have a blast!


Posted by Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 , under | comments (0)

On the 9th October 2010, ICE CIRCLE had organised a program which was called " A Muslim Journey in UK". This activity was designed to give freedom to juniors to ask any questions regarding ways of living in the UK. The activity started at 9am and ended at 2m. We also invited a guest speaker, Dr. Azlisham Md Nor who works as neurologist in Derriford Hospital to give a talk about our purpose in life as a Muslim. The event was a success and everybody enjoyed the whole program especially during the sharing session. Hopefully, the programme can be continued in the future with more improvement.

Exchange of Portfolios 2010

Posted by Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon on Sunday, 14 November 2010 , under | comments (0)

On the 20th October 2010, all members of Malaysian Association of Marjon (MAM) which includes students of COHORT 5, MARJON 1 and MARJON 2, had gathered to witness the exchange of portfolios between MAM Officers 2009/10 and MAM Officers 2010/11.

The former President of MAM, Mr. Hafiz Abdullah had given the newly elected MAM Officers some words of advice before handing over all the portfolios.

Now, officially MAM is under a new set of committee who has pledged to continue introducing Malaysian cultures and attractions, and to make it a platform to bring Malaysians and local people together, as well as uniting all the members to become 1 Marjon.

After the ceremony, the new committee of MAM held a dialogue session with MARJON 2 where they discussed every enquirers that MARJON 2 had upon the system of MAM and the university

Arrival of New Students

Posted by Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon on Friday, 29 October 2010 , under | comments (0)

On the 18th September 2010, new students of Cycle 3 Cohort 2 from IPG Kampus Kota Bharu and IPG Kampus Gaya had safely arrived in MARJON. They arrived in London that morning and reached Plymouth around noon. They were welcomed by seniors with open arms. Even though, some of them faced a few bumps in reaching UK, all 50 of them managed to arrive safely here to pursue their studies to be great teachers in the future. On the night of the 18th itself, MAM organized a small gathering to properly welcome them to our family of MARJON. Thanks to all who volunteered in making the new students' arrival run smoothly. And to all juniors, i hope you have a lovely stay in MARJON.

Malaysian Festival 2010 Marjon

Posted by Pokjak a.k.a. Aizat on Sunday, 9 May 2010 , under | comments (0)


Come and experience the excitement in Malaysian way.

For more information please click here Malaysian Festival 2010 Website