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2009/2010 Committee

Thursday, 16 July 2009 , Posted by Hafiz Abdullah at 12:38

On 16th July 2009, the new Marjon Malaysian Association committee was selected.

President : Hafiz Abdullah
Deputy President : Azar Syafiq

For practical reasons, members gave the new President and Deputy President power to select and organised the rest of the committee members, then present to other members.

Below is the selected committee as suggested by the President and Deputy President, and also has been aggreed by other members of MAM.

Religous Affair: Aizat
Foreign Affair : Ummu
Domestic Affair: Adam
Arts and Cultural: Ibrahim
Academic: Ng Chee Loong
Special Duties : Maryam
Sports n Recreation : Syafiq

For practical reason also, the President and Deputy President have removed ICT and Welfare Portfolios, and added 2 new portfolios which are Foreign Affairs and Special Duties.

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