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New Students Arrival

Sunday, 27 September 2009 , Posted by Hafiz Abdullah at 22:18

27th September 2009 will be one of the most unforgettable days for Malaysian Marjon. It was a day when the new 49 Malaysian students from IPGM Campus Gaya and Campus Kota Bharu arrived at MARJON. This mean, our family is now bigger! (and they might need to change our accommodation name from “Student Village” to “Malaysian Village”).

Few representative from MAM, together with Michelle Charlick, one of the officer at International Education Centre went to pick them at the Heathrow Airport on 27th September.

They arrived at Marjon around 12.45pm, and the seniors were busy in order to make sure they settled down well in MARJON.

On 27th Night, MAM organized a small Welcome Dinner for the new students

. This Welcome Dinner was intended for the old and the new students to get know each other. The new students were also introduced to MAM officers, and the President also briefed them about their induction week.

Thank you to all seniors and MAM officers, for helping in with the junior arrival. Thank you also to seniors who have involved in preparing food for Welcome Dinner and to all other seniors who have given help and support in order to make sure our new family members are settled down well.

We hope that as our family is bigger now, our bond will also grow stronger!.

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